Construction Process

Dream is made of bespoke brilliant white pre-cast concrete with Spanish dolomite aggregate, the whitest marble there is.


This gives the artwork an almost luminescent finish and is in stark contrast to the darkness of the pit underground and the blackness of the coal that still lies below.


The mix also contains Strux 90/40 synthetic fibre and titanium dioxide, which has self-cleaning properties and pigments dirt particles white, helping to ensure that Dream's surface will stay bright white.


Dream was made offsite by Evans Concrete in Derbyshire in 14 levels out of 90 unique pieces, each crafted from an individual mould using cutting edge technology combined with skilled, time-honoured working methods.


The casting process took 60 working days.


The head is made up of 54 individual elements each weighing approximately 9 tonnes, while the plinth is constructed of another 36 bespoke units.


Its exposed location means that Dream has to withstand gusting winds of up to 100mph, so all the individual panels are structurally interconnected to form a single robust monolithic sculpture.