Size & Height

Dream is 20 metres high and its apex stands just over 100 metres above sea level.


The plinth is over 17 metres in diameter.


The entire sculpture (head and plinth) weighs approximately 373 tonnes.


A further 130 tonnes of concrete have gone into the pile cap and foundations.


The head is approximately 50 times life size.

dream 3


Each ear is 4.2 metres long while each eye is 1 metre wide.


The circular plinth and inscription (* Dream * Sutton * Manor) were inspired by the small, circular "tally" each miner carried as a means of identification.


The 8 piles supporting Dream go down 38 metres underground, almost twice the height of the sculpture itself above ground.


By way of comparison:


* The Angel of the North (1998) is 20 metres high

* Blackpool Tower (May 1894) is 158 metres high.

* Nelson's Column (1843) is 51.5 metres high