Costs & Funding

The total cost of the project was £1.88 million.


The vast majority of this amount was spent on the construction of Dream and the land remediation necessary to prepare and reclaim what was once an industrial site.


The main sources of funding were:


* Northwest Regional Development Agency: £492,000

* Merseyside Objective 1 European Regional Development Fund:    £404,000

* North West Coalfield Communities Regeneration Programme:      £229,000

* Forestry Commission: £200,000

* Arts Council England: £200,000

* The Art Fund: £181,000

* St.Helens Local Enterprise Growth Initiative: £175,000


This funding was explicitly secured for public art and/or regeneration activity on the Sutton Manor site.


This means that it could not simply have been spent on other local public services, and in all likelihood most of it would not have been spent in St.Helens at all.


No local taxpayers money was used to fund Dream.